Country Matcher: Study Abroad Test / Going Abroad Test

Argentina, Spain or maybe Australia? You want to go abroad, but you are not sure which country is the best match for you? Try the “Country Matcher” to find the perfect country just for you! It is based on several rankings and journeys and therefore more complex than the Program Finder. That’s why it is only available as Windows App (.exe) so far. No subscription, no personal data required. Just download it for free and starting dream today!

Please consider the disclaimer below! The rankings, this test is based on, are not based on my personal opinion!

Program Finder: Study Abroad Test / Going Abroad Test

Another big question is the “how”! Work&Travel, internship, study abroad? Who knows? Well maybe the Program Finder does! It is a great way to start your journey. Just answer some simple questions and withing less than one minute you might have a better understanding of what you acually want:


Here are two tests for you to figure out which countries and program types are great fits for you. However, the results are only suggestions and shoudn’t limit you in any way! Enjoy 🙂

So far, the apps (.exe) only run on Windows systems. Consider searching for “run .exe on mac” on google or use your friend’s computer.

Please consider the following:


IMPORTANT: I programed these tests as little Corona projects, and I am nowhere near being a computer science or app development student. The programs are meant to be little fun gimmicks to play around with. They are not complete, nor is the “Country Matcher” based on my personal opinion. I am not judging or ranking the countries, their educational system and quality, believes, people, religions, political situation, or anything else myself but using other people’s or magazine’s opinions. They have been to all these countries themselves – or at least they claim so. I just find it helpful to combine multiple articles and rankings in one app that allows you to set filters. I am just combining various sources for you. Hit the Sources-Button for all links. Likewise, I am not saying that the resulting countries or programs are the only matching ones for you. The “Country Matcher” was designed to give you an idea of what you may like. For example, you should always check out what neighboring countries have to offer since they might be similar in terms of landscape, nature, and so on. The primary purpose of the “Program Finder” is to make you think about some essential questions regarding going abroad but is not limiting you in any way. In the end, it is your choice where and how you go abroad.


NOTE: All files have been tested with an Antivirus Software by the German based company Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG and showed no foundings prior to uploading the data to this website.

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