Study Abroad Meaning

What study abroad really is! #Study Abroad Meaning

Ever wondered what study abroad really means? And why you should only go for partner universities? As part of the #googletrends category, I will try to provide an answer to this tricky questions!

Free Things To Do for Students

Free things to do for students (Ways to save money)

Studying abroad anywhere isn’t really cheap. But there are a lot of things you can do completely for free or on a really low budget every single week to cut down your costs! These range from food and drinks over sports and cultural activities.

Study Abroad Checklist

How to find the best country to study abroad!

Many people want to go abroad at least once it their lives! But what is the right program for you? And in which country? And why do you actually want to go in the first place? Consider following these easy steps!

Summer & Winter Schools

Here you find all information about summer and winter schools (short term programs). Many of the post apply to full study abroad programs, too.

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