Study Abroad Checklist


Full Study Abroad Checklist (from CV to interview)

This study abroad checklist provides an overview of the standard documents that are usually required by most universities. Be aware that there might be more university-specific documents you have to submit as part of the application. There is also a print version available as a download. Hang it on your door and keep track of the to-dos 🙂

Study Abroad Letter of Motivation

This is to demonstrate that you are the right candidate to go abroad. Introduce yourself, show your motivation, and explain how you hope to benefit from the study abroad program. Learn more here.

Professional CV

Your CV is like a business card, just bigger. Take your time to create an appealing resume that highlights your strengths and creativity. Read the interview about what to focus on in a CV for a study abroad program. You can also learn how to create a CV yourself or download one of the free templates.

Proof of Language Proficiency

In most cases, you have to provide some language proficiency test. Since the most commonly required foreign language is English, learn more about the TOEFL here. The IELTS is a popular alternative.

Letter of Recommendation

Some applications require a letter of recommendation. This could be from a professor (academic) or a former supervisor (professional). First, check if any letter is required at all. Next, reach out to the right person well in advance to give them enough time. Don’t wait until the last minute. Also, include some key points or a rough outline of what the letter should contain. Writing a proper letter of recommendation takes time.

Grades & Confirmation of Enrollment

This is self-explanatory: Don’t forget to add a copy of your grades and confirmation of enrollment.

Translation of Transcripts

In some cases, you need a translation of your grades, which can be an informal document. Some universities would provide a template on their website, too. Always double-check your translation with google translate or

Summary of planned study or research

Again, you might find a template for this on your university’s website. List all courses, the content, and why you’d like to take these. This is to demonstrate that you did your research and that the classes fit nicely into your curriculum. Even if such a list is not required, it is a great way to show some extra effort and stand out from the crowd.

Study Abroad Interview at your home university

This is the last step. After submitting your application and hopefully being invited to an interview at your home university, you are almost there. Check out this article to learn how to get that last obstacle out of your way. This concludes the study abroad checklist.

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