Study Abroad for free

Study Abroad For Free? A Budgeting Approach

How to study abroad for free? This might be the most common question on the internet. After studying abroad four times on three different continents, I’d like to share my perspective on that topic.

Free Things To Do for Students

Free things to do for students (Ways to save money)

Studying abroad anywhere isn’t really cheap. But there are a lot of things you can do completely for free or on a really low budget every single week to cut down your costs! These range from food and drinks over sports and cultural activities.

USA Study Abroad Cost

Study Abroad USA Cost Breakdown (How much is it really?)

How much is it to study abroad in the US? How much money do you need per month and what do you have to pay in advance? This articles gives you an overview of how much you need and what the cost drivers are during a semester abroad.

Money Matters

Since money is a big deal and one of the deciding factors, you can find all posts related to money and costs here #moneytalk

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