Study Abroad as an Introvert

How to Study Abroad as an Introvert: Tips for Introverts

For many travelers, meeting people from all around the world is one of the primary reasons to go abroad. Likewise, it seems like making new friends is an obligatory part of any study abroad program. But why is that? Studying abroad is way more than just meeting new people, hanging out in groups, going out, and partying all night. For an introverted person (or generally anyone who likes spending time alone), shouldn’t it be possible to go abroad without the “pressure” of getting out of your comfort zone? After studying abroad four times, I’d like to share tips and advice on studying abroad as an introvert and making the best out of it.

Study Abroad Meaning

What study abroad really is! #Study Abroad Meaning

Ever wondered what study abroad really means? And why you should only go for partner universities? As part of the #googletrends category, I will try to provide an answer to this tricky questions!

Study Abroad Checklist

How to find the best country to study abroad!

Many people want to go abroad at least once it their lives! But what is the right program for you? And in which country? And why do you actually want to go in the first place? Consider following these easy steps!

Abroad Basics​

Here are some basics you might want to consider at the very beginning. Why go, where go, what accommodation to choose, etc. It’s all covered right here.

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