Why all this?

My main goal is to support and inspire young people to go abroad as much as possible. I’d like to achieve that by providing all sorts of information, stories, and guidance. Also, I’d like to get in touch with you by answering your questions and receiving ideas or wishes for articles. Get in touch with me here.

"I wish that I could have the skill of writing more briefly"

- Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

If you google “pizza”, you find delicious free recipes and local restaurants in your area. If you search for “football,” you can read sports news and find detailed stats about every single player out there: Weight? Height? Number of appearances? No problem. But what if you type in “study abroad”? In that case, you are submerged with extremely expensive programs by third-party agencies, affiliated links for suitcases, or a ton of ads and popups. To me, most websites about study abroad are solely profit-oriented and try to sell you stuff everywhere. I’m here to change that. Welcome to my website whateverabroad.com. Here you will get all information from one source – for free and without any subscription or the like.

My Mission

In my opinion, everybody should go abroad at least once in their lives. Getting outside your comfort zone and submerging yourself in a foreign culture benefits you in a million ways. My goal is to inspire and support you by providing you with the information I wish I had back then.

Who I am

My name is Jan, and I’m a research associate / PhD student based in Hamburg, Germany. Before, I studied aerospace engineering both in my bachelor’s and master’s programs. Having worked and studied in Europe, the United States, and East Asia, I’d like to share my experiences here with you: From studying abroad and interning in the USA, over different programs in Sweden and South Korea, to writing my bachelor’s thesis in Japan. Within the last seven years, I was enrolled at seven different universities around the globe.

Me at KU
The dean of the international winter campus and me at the graduation ceremony at Korea University, Seoul, back in 2020.

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