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Going abroad as a student isn’t easy. Here you find all the information you need, from start to finish. And more.

Ask me all the questions you wouldn’t dare to ask anyone else. There are no stupid questions.

Let's Talk Money!

Money is always a super important topic. And there is no getting around it. How much is it to go abroad? How do I receive scholarships? Can I study abroad for free? Check out all the money related posts – sometimes more, sometimes less – in this section.

Study Abroad for free

Study Abroad For Free? A Budgeting Approach

How to study abroad for free? This might be the most common question on the internet. After studying abroad four times on three different continents, I’d like to share my perspective on that topic.

Your questions, answered.

Check out all the posts about money issues in the “money matters” section!

Read the three-part series about all the housing options for students here.

I dedicated an article to this important question. Check it out here.

Always! The more, the better. See why it is always worth it to apply for scholarships here!

Learn how I managed to graduate with the highest possible grade average here. It allowed me to receive multiple scholarships along the way.

To me, the best way to go abroad is by studying abroad at partner universities. Read more about it here.

Application Support

The application is hand downs the most annoying part of going abroad. That’s why I want to make it easier for you. All information are based on first-hand experiences (after going abroad multiple times) or opinions from former university employees.

Destination (un)known?

Some countries are covered in more detail than others. However, this website can still be helpful for you, no matter where you want to go. Check out the destinations below. More to come.

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My goal is to inspire young people to go abroad and provide support along the way!

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